World Mythos

The world was originally a great lump of rock floating timelessly in the void. At the beginning it was visited by Arcana, Mother Dragon, Maker of Worlds, who was seeking a home for her new litter. She moulded the world into its form and with her breath gave it life. She left as the eggs at the hatching of the dragons that would continue to shape the world. They took the names of Aracaz, Yushta, Mazaskk, Azkale, Pyorkaz, Irkazt, Lorasst and Kiraasii.

They worked for millennia, each pursuing their own arcane projects. Some mated with their slaves, begetting the giant-kin. Other races were created for various purposes including the humans, demihumans and goblin-kin. Eventually their actions and schemes came into conflict, causing a disruption in the nature of reality. The dragons were struck by a mysterious force known as the DragonCurse which reduced their massive power.

Sensing an opportunity, the slave races rebelled against their oppressive and complacent masters in the Freedom Wars, which dragged on for over a century. The suffering seemed never-ending and overwhelming, but their were numerous acts of legendary bravery that are still sung of today. Some exceptional individuals came to personify certain concepts or ideals and, through great feats and adventures, attained deification.

Since the Freedom Wars, intelligent beings have created their own civilizations and forged their own empires. The future is uncertain, but prophecies speak of a massive final battle in which Morr will return the dead from over the centuries to participate in some awesome ultimate conflict.

World Mythos

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