ST: 18 ( +4) save +7
DX: 17 ( +3) save +3
CO: 12 ( +1) save +4
IN: 9 ( -1) save -1
WI: 12 ( +1) save +1
CH: 10 (0) save 0

Init +3

AC: 20 (half plate 15 + magic 1 + dex 2 + shield 2)
longsword (ST ’+7, d8+4 Slash) Crit 19/20
shortbow (DX ’+6, d6+3 Pierce) Crit 19-20
Troll on a stick (ST ’+7, d6+4)

HP 47 (5d10+1/lvl)

Bonus Action:
Shield Shove (ST+Ath vs ST or DX+Ath)
Action Surge
Second Wind (heal d10+1/lvl)

Opportunity Attack
Style: Protection = disadvantage

Feat :
Shield Master (+shield AC to DX save, “dex save for half damage” = no damage

Speaks: Common, and his Tribal language (Germanic?)

2pp, 479gp, 1ep, 150sp, 5cp
500 antique copper coins.
ruby 110gp, black opal 1000gp, pearl 201gp


Goren is a young man from a mountain tribe that were subjugated/allied with larger army. Conscripted to serve as an auxilliary in a unit attached to a proper legion.

Goren is 20 years of age, six foot two, with shaggy brown hair and two eyes in his head.

Personality Trait: Crude Sense of humour
Ideal: Might is right (evil)
Bond: Never forgotten defeat
Flaw: Terrible mistake (led to the defeat)

Carries tattered standard of former unit. Now has a live troll head attached.


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