D&D5E: Land of the Sleeping King

Land of the Sleeping King ep.3

How Sune Is, Now

Following their exertions against the goblin marauders, our heroes retreated to the TEMPLE OF SUNE in UTOPIA for a deserved rest.
In his sleep, the devout Jonty was visited by the avatar of Sune who explained that the temple had been infected by evil and required reconsecration. Fortunately, his new companions had come through the home of GIDEON MELORIUS and brought with them the golden circlet required to access the inner sanctum. Jonty was the chosen of Sune and must guide the circlet carriers in their quest.
The circlet was placed onto the head of the statue in the temple, which then moved to reveal a descending staircase. Jonty, Gwynne and Tik-Tok discovered the inner sanctum, which looked like a beautiful glade dominated by a large paw-paw tree. Erotic murals adorned the walls, and elven tables and chairs were dotted around.
However, this apparent paradise concealed a peril – needle blights! These horrific ambulant plants proved a stern test, and were later followed by more battles with such monstrosities as twig blights, giant centipedes, shrieking fungus and…a “beholder”!
Their explorations also revealed numerous treasures and, strangely, numerous scrawled pieces of graffiti, including:
If I so much as see a pawpaw I shall go mad! AGAIN! Ha ha!
And you shall see the fruits of my labours!
Helloooo? Is there anybody there? No? Well I’ll just stay here then I suppose.
Pawpaw stew. Pawpaw soup. Pawpaw fricassee. Enough already!
O, Nerylana! Your beauty and wisdom is lost to me forever. There’s nothing left for me except this…existence.
Is there a cure for loneliness? Or madness?
Love! Love! Love is lost to me, forever!
Free me from this loveless nightmare!
But the greatest danger was yet to come! Re-entering the main chamber, the heroes heard a voice crying “You will remain here as I have!” at which point the paw-paw tree came to life and attacked! Despite the tree’s evident destructive power, the heroes beat it off with ease, after which a sad and insane elf rushed at them wielding a dagger and was killed with ease.
Finally, our heroes broke into the head priestess’s quarters and the temple’s treasury, finding therein copious treasures and an animated set of armour that remains there as a guard.
Gwynne and Tik-Tok seemed pleased with their new-found loot, particularly Tik-Tok’s grand new crown with which she declared herself KING TIK-TOK. Meanwhile, Jonty awaits the judgement of Sune…
Needle Blights 4×50XP = 200XP
Twig Blights 4×25XP = 100XP
Giant centipedes 2 x50XP = 100 XP
Shriekers 2×10 XP = 20 XP
“Beholder” = 100XP
Paw-Paw Tree and Elf = 0XP
520 monster XP/3 = 173 XP each
100 XP each for exploration, gives us
273 XP each for Jonty, Gwynne and Tik-Tok
Gwynne carrying:
GP 44 + 200 + 2000
PP 100
Gold Ringlet with Bloodstones = 250gp
Elvish + Orcish Paintings = 500gp each
Carved Ivory Statuette = 250gp
Brass mug with jade inlay = 250gp
Gold birdcage with electrum filagree = 250gp
Elf Dagger
Potion of Healing
Potion of Climbing
Potion of resistance (Radiant)
Bag of Holding

1 Scroll of Purify Food and Water
1 Scroll of Protection from Evil
1 x Crown (Tik-Tok)


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