D&D5E: Land of the Sleeping King

Land of the Sleeping King ep.2

Paradise Lost

Our heroes Goren, Peren, Ophelia and Jonty were summarily dismissed from the underdark city amid scenes of panic and rumours of war breaking out. Briefly under threat of execution, they were instead sent away through a magic mirror and into a long-abandoned temple of SUNE. Almost immediately they were joined by the similarly impromptu arrival of Gwynne and Tik-Tok, having themselves escaped the slave mines of TITANIS, under construction fortress of MORECH THE OVERSEER.

Investigation of the temple uncovered another portal to elsewhere (currently inactive), an altar dedicated to SUNE, a study containing rotten books and a degraded portrait, and behind the waterfall at the entrance of the temple a marauding warband of GOBLINS!

The merry band were soon able to demonstrate their togetherness by battling off a group of BLACK BEARS that mysteriously appeared in among the pews, later revealed to be a test sent my the mad wood elf BLUE-EYES. The elf revealed that the adventurers found themselves in UTOPIA, the long lost city that represented the zenith of cosmopolitan elven culture.

Spurning such fripperies as planning and tactics, our brave warriors stepped out of their hidden location to challenge the goblin leader to combat. A massive melee ensued, with the party emerging victorious after killing a beating off numerous goblins and a number of vicious GIANT RATS.

Tending to their wounds, our heroes were finally able to take some rest and consider the strange and perilous situation in which they find themselves…

XP awards

3 black bears x 100 XP = 300 XP/6 – 50 XP each
14 goblins x 50 XP = 700 XP/7 – 100 XP each
4 giant rats x 25 XP = 100 XP/7 – 14 XP each
Investigating the forgotten temple – 20 XP each
Defeating the goblin war party – 100 XP each
Military strategy – 0 XP each

284 XP per person, well done you!


Looks like the goblin boss was able to get away with any loot he may have been carrying. As well as a bunch of shoddy goblin weapons and armour, you find:

200 GP in assorted coinage

Also, after Identification of items that came from the forgotten lair of GIDEON MELORIUS and hidden in the temple of Sune, you also have:

Philtre of Love
3 copper bracelets of the Ruby Axe dwarf clan
Silver-iron shortsword
Silver-iron warhammer
Enchanted sling +1 to hit
Silver dagger worth 50 GP
Scroll of Protection from Energy
Gold circlet worth 400 gp
41 gp of ancient type
Sceptre and 3 rings of the ritual


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