D&D5E: Land of the Sleeping King

Land of the Sleeping King ep.1

Dark Pursuit!

The Story So Far

We meet our heroes TIK-TOK (strangely, a girl) and GWYNNE (strangely, a boy) ripped from their former lives and enslaved in the dank tunnels of the TITANIS, hellish lair of MORECH THE OVERSEER. Fortune smiles on the half-orc and the young nobleman as TIK-TOK’s relentlessly powerful excavation reveals a hitherto hidden chamber, subsequently revealed to be part of the undermountain dwelling place of the long-dead archmage GIDEON MELORIUS!

Taking full grasp of the opportunity fate has bestowed upon them, the unlikely pair escape into the wizard’s lair, only to find themselves stumbling over numerous crumbling bones, as well as very much ambulatory SKELETONS. Their explorations lead them to the throne room of MELORIUS himself, where they free a trapped fire elemental, EZAQTAR, in exchange for details of a ritual that will free them from the stony prison.

Battling off the hordes of GOBLINS that were their captors, TIK-TOK and GWYNNE manage to intone the strange ceremony in front of a portal mirror and, leaving the furious cries of the goblinkin behind them, step into the unknown….

Monsters killed:

3 crap skeletons: 3×25= 75xp
6 crap goblins: 6×25= 150 xp

Tasks achieved:

Escape from the TITANIS: 100 xp each
EZAQTAR unbound: 30 xp each
LYRIANA saved: 50 xp to GWYNNE

TIK-TOK 242 xp
GWYNNE 292 xp

Loot gained:

3 copper bracelets of the Ruby Axe dwarf clan
Silver-iron shortsword
Silver-iron warhammer
Enchanted sling (unidentified)
Silver dagger (unvalued)
Scroll (unidentified)
Gold circlet worth 400 gp
41 gp of ancient type
Sceptre and 3 rings of the ritual


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