D&D5E: Land of the Sleeping King


The morning after the fight with the ape-demon, our heroes entered the shanty town to search for the parents of Arlena and Dunstan. Using Aribert’s illusory gifts as an impressive billboard, the made friendly contact with some dwarven refugees but were unable to find any Rubyaxe clanspeople of the diminutive moppets.

Tik Tok then decided to meet her destiny as a mighty orc king by finding herself a clan. After the traditional delicate negotiations she took control of a motley crew of half a dozen orcs and half-orcs.

Alas, heavy is the head that wears the crown. The subtleties of monarchic rule proved somewhat beyond Tik-Tok and her kingdom was soon riven by internal strife, resulting in a terminal outbreak of civil war. The regrettable bloodshed caused an existential crisis in Tik-Tok’s soul which she is yet to resolve.

Aribert’s return to Boyd’s Beacon was momentarily panic-stricken, as the screams of children reverberated down the corridor. But, o happy day!, the screams were those of delight as he realised that the moppets had brought along some friends and the lighthouse had become an impromptu orphanage.

A restful evening was suddenly disrupted with the eventual arrival of the goblin invasion. The party were beset by swarms of insects and bats (much appreciated by a contented troll head), and were granted the awesome sight of a flying ship.

Then came a massive wrenching ROAR, as the heroes’ Bag of Holding was ripped asunder and the Gibbering Mouther statue vomited forth a group of SHADOW DEMONS. The moppets fled the Beacon as our heroes battled the abyssal abominations.

The battle was reaching a peak when the demons suddenly fled as the lighthouse was assaulted by an even more fearsome beast – a RED DRAGON! Fearing that death was upon them, our heroes wisely retreated and witnessed the awesome sight of the legendary beast grasping the mouther statue in its claws and, shattering the crystal dome at the top of Boyd’s Beacon, fly to whence the goblin horde came. To the amazement of our heroes, this seemed to signal an end of the goblin assault.

As dawn broke, our shaken heroes were left to survey the chaos around them and ponder what consequences such calamitous events might foretell…


Bag of Holding
Gibbering Mouther Statue
Dwarven warhammer




Swarm of bats 4 × 50 = 200 XP
Swarm of insects 100 XP = 100 XP
Shadow demons 3 × 1100 XP/2 (call it a draw) = 1650 XP

Total: 1950/3 = 650XP each plus bonuses

Bonus XP – Tik-Tok, Aribert, Goren – How to flee your dragon – 150 XP each
Bonus XP – Tik-Tok – Heavy lies the head – 200 XP
Bonus XP – Aribert – For services to the advertising industry – 100 XP
Bonus XP – Goren – Creative use of a head on a stick – 100 XP


Sweet that’s a full grand for Tik Tok.

TomGoodfellow TomGoodfellow

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