D&D5E: Land of the Sleeping King

Boyd's Beacon

Our stranded heroes were rescued by a mysterious tidal wave that swept them into the harbour of Westport, where they were met by Dockmaster Smythe. They were take to his office for an interrogation interview with the urbane Minister Whitney and the gnome diviner Phissa. After arranging to meet again at noon the day after tomorrow, the adventurers were sent to Westport’s shanty town.

After a brief run-in with some local toughs, Goren was approached by adorable moppet Arlena the young dwarf girl’s brother had foolishly strayed into Boyd’s Beacon, a local lighthouse made redundant by the Pelagian Compact and rumoured to be haunted. The lighthouse was located on a seastack across a rickety rope bridge atop the Wall of Atrus.

During a huge thunderstorm, our heroes braved the bridge and disregarded the warnings of a ghostly voice to overcome a giant scorpion and ascend to the beacon itself. There they found Dunstan being held by a powerful demon!


So they killed it.

Subsequent exploration reveal the benevolent ghost of Boyd the lighthouse keeper, still devoted to protecting the innocent, plus some nice items he had once gathered by beachcombing.


Dockmaster Smythe
Minister Whitney
Boyd the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ghost


Boyd’s Beacon lighthouse
Decanter of endless water
Mariner’s chainmail +1
200 GP pearl
150 GP


Demon 1500
Giant Scorpion 700
Rescuing Dunstan 1500
Finding a new home in today’s property market 500

Total 1500 + 700 + 1500 + 500 = 4200
4200/3 = 1400 XP each!


TomGoodfellow TomGoodfellow

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