Aribert Thistleknot Gliblik Slikwhisker


Aribert has always treated life as a great rollicking adventure, a gift that should be celebrated and the joy of it wrung out at every moment with gusto. Born of fairly wealthy parents he was content to (try to) woo pretty ladies, drink good wine and buy the very best clothes and luxuries that he couldn’t afford and dream about being a famous gnome duelist like Hamilton Sharp or Glarion Surefire with their totally groovy short names. He had read about these famous adventurers who travelled the countryside and were adored by beautiful women, envied by powerful men and showered with riches and thought there would be nothing better than to live your life that way, but alas, he had no skill in a blade and learning to use one just seemed like too much hard work and hours of practice… yawn!

He would regularly go back to his parents for a handout however one day they cut him off, and so having no trade or skill, turned to that which he was best at, cards and dice. Since he viewed cheating as just another part of the wonderful game he was able to maintain his standard of living for a while until his “friends” started realising his duplicity. He would admit to it freely if caught and thought they would all just have a laugh but was surprised that others did not share in his enjoyment.

It all came to a head with the arrival of the elf, his name for some reason he could never remember, but he convinced him to play a game of chance with his own elven tarot cards. He wagered that if he should lose he would give Aribert a great bag of gold, however if he won then Aribert would have to wear the delicate silver bracelet that he wore around his wrist and then present himself to his mistress.

Aribert agreed (WIS 8). Aribert lost.

So the elf placed his wrist next to Aribert’s and to his surprise the bracelet uncoupled from the elf’s wrist and slithered onto his.

Thinking nothing of it and being an honourable fellow Aribert did as he was bid and went deep into the forest to a beautiful grove and met Voluptria (see below), a gorgeous elven plant babe (an "Archfey”) and he was instantly and completely smitten and vowed that he was spend his life dedicated to making her happy. She then presented him with a gift of a beautiful blade with a basket hilt wrought in the likeness of silver vines and promised that in loving her, she would gift him with powers that would help him realise his dreams and one day she may even bestow upon him a kiss. She then promptly commanded him to search out and recover the Bloombud and bring it too her. Aribert vowed that he would or would die trying.

Aribert Thistleknot Gliblik Slikwhisker

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