D&D5E: Land of the Sleeping King

The Mysterious Barrow

In the aftermath of the titanic battle against the mastodon, TikTok interrogated the captured goblin warchief Konkar. What she lacked in subtlety she gained back in directness, with the goblin revealing the keyword for the elephantine Figurine of Wondrous Power (spotted by an eagle-eyed Braith) and guaranteed not to call for reinforcements.

The heroes climbed aboard their new mount who took them to the goblin hideout close to a barrow that Konkar had promised contained great treasures. Having discovered the hefty stone door, Aribert was sent to scout ahead and, following an unexplained roof collapse, almost succumbed to an ambush by earth elementals. Thankfully the party rallied and were able to off their muddy foes.

Goren demonstrated his masterful leadership by blindly screaming as his comrades fought off a hideous gibbering mouther and Jonty channelled his pious devotion to Sune to destroy some marauding shadows.

After seeing off some zombie hands that induced more confusion than peril, the heroes decided they needed a rest to recover from their travails.

Small earth elementals 4 × 75XP = 300XP
Shadows 3 × 100 = 300XP
Gibbering Mouther 450XP
Zombie hands 12 × 25 = 300XP
Total 1350/5 = 270XP each

Figurine of Wondrous Power -Mastodon (as per marble elephant, DMG p.170. Note the restrictions that only applt from now on, whoops)
200 GP of various trinkets and coins
8 silver torcs worth 20 GP each
Javelin +1
2 potions of darkvision


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