D&D5E: Land of the Sleeping King

Of Mammoths and Mermaids

Our heroes, recovering from the chaotic events of the previous night, were given a peremptory summons from Minister Whitney to Westport to attend a meeting of the Pentarchy.

In attendance were

The Pentarchs
High Steward Ranold Oakspear
Minister Whitney
Ambassador Arincella
Belana the Just
Keryth Alinor

Goran Voss
Florizel Goodbarrel

Goran was brought forward to explain some of the legendary history of Utopia, including the tragic tale of The Shrouding.

He also explained the meaning behind the now-lost statue of the Gibbering Mouther – one of three artefacts that, brought together, would become an abyssal weapon of world-shaking consequence. The references came from the Last Codex aka Codex Mellorius, written in the hand of the great archmage Gideon Mellorius himself. Oddly, a piece of paper was interpolated in the manuscript in a different hand, stating that “The journey of the Last Ones shall begin in Haven.”

Our heroes were duly equipped with whatever equipment the city could spare, including a substantial number of magic items, and dispatched to Haven to investigate. They left Westport the next day, briefly encountering a troop of yellow-skinned, hairless devotees of Yurshta the Dragon God as they left.

After 2 days the party arrived in Haven, where they met the local mayor, blacksmith and landlord of the Shivering Owlbear, Grindle the Many-Hatted. He explained that the local area had been terrorised by a marauding beast that left no tracks, to which our heroes responded with characteristic heroism.

After searching the area, the party set up camp on a local hilltop and were shocked at the sudden appearance of a massive MASTODON being ridden by GOBLINS and accompanied by fearsome WORGS. A titanic battle ensued featuring a flying, embiggened TIK-TOK, coordinated mastery from BRAITH and GOREN and a spell-slinging PEREN. Eventually the mighty beast was felled and promptly blinked out of existence, leaving behind a pile of goblin bodies and a captured goblin warleader.

All that stuff you were given by the city of Westport

Worgs 4 × 100 = 400XP
Goblins 9 × 50 = 450XP
Goblin Leader = 200XP
Mastodon = 2300 XP

Total = 3350XP/4 = 838XP each


after adding xp from last two sessions total XP is now 9741

Of Mammoths and Mermaids
TomGoodfellow TomGoodfellow

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