D&D5E: Land of the Sleeping King

Escape from Utopia

An interlude

Our intrepid heroes find themselves adrift on a battered goblin warboat in the company of a deceased giant mole and a variety of grubs. Above them looms the Wall of Atrus, the legendarily vertiginous red cliffs that rise to the south of Westport. The capital itself can be tantalisingly glimpsed in the distance.

The adventurers arrived here after an epic escape from the devastation of the horde’s invasion of Utopia. Along the way they have gathered a gigantic statue of a gibbering mouther, Goren has acquired a skewered troll, Peren has undergone some anatomical readjustment and TikTok has attained the rank of Admiral King.


TomGoodfellow TomGoodfellow

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